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My puppy look at something in my room and bark?

I found a puppy Chihuahua on the street 1 month ago. I never had a dog before and my puppy is barking all of a sudden for no good reason and she's looking at nothing in particular.. There is no light no shadow no sound.. 

My girlfriend think there is a spirit in our room since couple of months and she say that this is confirming that there is really some spirit in our room.. Is it true dog can see spirits? Did it ever happen to you?


The puppy was like 6 weeks old and had no collar, no micro chip. We posted ad on several local missing pets Facebook groups, several missing pets website including kijiji..  So we kept it

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    Never forget the two main senses of a dog, scent and hearing, are far more accute than ours and it's most likely she hears something you can't. If you have a Winter (cold) starting, the wild crittas are all coming in to find somewhere warm through the coldest weather.

    Just to ask whether you made any effort to find this puppy's legal owner because if not, you have stolen it. Found dogs should be taken off the streets for sure, but best practice is to take them straight to a local Shelter where it can be checked for a microchip, and where any owner would be looking for their missing pet. If you wanted to offer her a good home, you should have told the Shelter so you could be considered, should no owner come to claim her. Then you'd have adopted her legally, with all the necessary paperwork. If this puppy's owner sees you out with her at any point in the future, you'd have to hand her over.

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    Yes, some dogs are attuned to 'spirits'. Yes, it has happened to me, several times.

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    So you STOLE the dog and kept it instead of taking it to a shelter or a rescue so its owner could find their dog. Since you STOLE the dog you need to take it to a rescue or shelter and make sure to tell them you stole it

    • Star_of_Darkness
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      I can read they STOLE the dog and refused to take it to a shelter or a resuce

  • Anna
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    Because you allow her to. Get in a professional dog trainer to help you TRAIN her not to bark or stick a citronella collar on her which will spray a harmless scent she doesn't like in her face whenever she barks then she'll associate barking with the scent. But before doing any of that did you go looking for the owner and putting up FOUND DOG signs? Because if you didn't you stole the dog. Take the dog to the shelter first and tell them you found her on the street and then they'll give the owner time to claim her. If they don't you can legally adopt her. And you need to do that if you don't want to be arrested and charged with theft.

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    So, instead of taking the "found" puppy to a shelter.... so the owner had the legal right to reclaim it; you simply kept it. Finders is NOT automatically "keepers". That is DOG THEFT! (I guess if your drop your phone or wallet, the same theory applies to whomever finds it.)

    I would say you or your GF are "haunted" by a guilty conscience.

    • E. H. Amos
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      Posting on "groups" or Facebook is not a solution. Lots of people DO NOT LOOK there & a lot or people will not USE FB, period. LEGALLY, the dog MUST be taken to the local shelter, or it is dog theft. If not claimed; you get first right of refusal.

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    Mace the brute! I prefer cats.

  • Hannah
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    Dogs can hear/smell better than you can. Who knows what shes barking at. She is definitely hears or smells something you don't.

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