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Belgian malinois exercise needs?

I’m thinking of possibly getting a Belgian malinois next year, but I’m not sure how much exercise they need exactly. I’ve searched online but there’s just not enough specific numbers or information on them. I know exactly how much exercise a husky needs. If someone could just compare the two breeds exercise needs, or tell me how much exercise they need, I’d appreciate it úwù.

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    Don't get one. You celarlyt ahve done NO reserrch what so ever and can't provide the right training or anything for them.

    They are a WORKING breed and need to be in a home that will provide them with work 24\7. You can't do that since you work and the dog won't have the training or anything it needs and will become severely destructive and likely neurotic and you will dump the dog

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    I don't think you have done enough research cause I googled your question & I found what their exercise needs are.

    They are a herding breed, did you know that? Herding breeds need a rather massive amount of exercise. As herders they are busy 24/7, very energetic. I saw where it says they need at least 2 hrs daily but it is really much more than that.

    Just like any herding breed they are on the go & can get bored in a sedentary life & become very destructive. You have a dog that will act as though it were on speed. So much energy all pent up that has to be released by lots of exercise.

    I would suggest you start out with three one hour walks/runs daily, if not more. BUT..... so much depends on the individual dog.

    • Simpson G.
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      Walks/runs don’t work on working dogs. That’s a warmup to get to work.

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    Its not just a case of how much physical exercise a Malinois dog will need, its how much MENTAL exercise its going to need. This breed actually NEEDS to be using its brain in some way each day or it can become so restless and hyper it will drive you nuts. It needs training in a dog sport like tracking, working trials or Schutzhund or very advanced obedience and not just walked for 2 hours a day in the hope this will keep it satisfied. Of course like any other breed , some Malinois need more mind games than others but on the whole they do not make easy pets unless they are worked as well.

    The info below from a web site is quite informative and accurate in summoning up the Malinois type of the Belgian Shepherd dog.


    The Belgian Malinois is one of four Belgian sheepdogs. A very bright and obedient dog, it is determined and observant with strong protective and territorial instincts. Socialize well to prevent it from becoming shy or sensitive. The Belgian Malinois needs an experienced master who is firm, but not heavy handed. If you are harsh or overbearing it will become uncooperative. Owners need to display a confident, natural authority over the dog. Consistent rules must be set and made clear. This breed is instinctively protective so it should be trained and socialized very well from an early age. Puppies should be socialized right from birth. Good for working and competition obedience, these dogs make excellent police and guard dogs. This type of work is currently their main occupation. They do however, make excellent pets if they have owners who can challenge their minds with an air of leadership. They are ever watchful, alert and loyal. The Belgian Malinois is good with children if socialized well with them. This breed needs to be part of the family and not locked up in a kennel. They need leadership, daily exercise along with training and companionship, for without it they may become destructive and hard to handle. The Belgian Malinois is high energy, with a high mental capacity, and is quick to comprehend. It needs a job to do, especially if you are dealing with working lines. Take care when introducing this dog with small non-canine pets. It can be rather dominant toward other dogs and need an owner who can communicate to the dog that dominance is an unwanted behavior. Provided it is correctly socialized with cats and other pets, it should not present any problems. The Belgian Malinois may instinctively display herding behavior such as chasing and circling, moving effortlessly for hours and nipping at people's heels. They must be taught not to do this to people. This is a very demanding dog. It needs an experienced owner for it can easily be difficult to control unless the owner knows how to handle him. The way the owner handles the dog can produce wide differences in temperament and aggressiveness. Talk to someone experienced with the breed before you buy your dog. These dogs are often impressive; don't base your purchase solely on achievement records and appearances. Only adopt this type of dog if you fully understand what it means to be alpha (Leader)

    Source(s): GSD Owner for 56 years.
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    I have to concur with Simpson & E.H.

    If you actually want this dog as a 'pet' then please forget it. These dogs are just not pets. They are so active and so intelligent that it isn't only exercise that they need, they need mental stimulation on a level that requires a person to make that the main task of the day ALWAYS. And tbh, if you've never 'worked' a dog before whether it is for actual handling a working dog or being very involved in a dog sport then you will not have the experience to deal with a Malinois.

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    They are a brilliant high energy breed. The two combined can make them harder or more challenging to own than even a Husky. Huskies do need DAILY exhaustive amounts of aerobic exercise, but pulling a sled for hours or pulling you on skis or a cart, doing drafting or running along on a bike may be easier for the average husky owner to manage. (Huskies are NOT the brightest bulb in the box & are harder to train, and not as willing to please) as many other dogs.

    However, finding or coming up with enough mental stimulation or "jobs" which the Belgian *REQUIRES* in order to keep their BRAIN & their high energy "channeled" into positive directions is MUCH HARDER for the average pet owner. Lots of people run, some even run marathons, but while that might be great for the Husky, it only scratches the surface for the Belgian's needs.

    Unless you can not only provide HUGE amounts of daily exercise (like the for Husky) AND...INTEND to have a competitive obedience or agility dog and plan to do tracking and/or Schutzhund work (at minimum) I have NO IDEA why you or (anybody else) would want one. The breed requires a job, or to be kept busy. That's why most of them work as police dogs; doing narcotics work and search & rescue work.

    The dog [you get] may need to also be trained & worked in herding trials, lure coursing, rally, fly dog events, dock diving & barn hunts as well, etc, in order to be happy and fulfilled. They only belong in working homes. This is NOT simply a pet, any more than a Lamborghini is simply a car.

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    Well, if the exercise is too much the dog will tell you... An hour a day, preferably at the dog's own pace (you can bicycle alongside), is the minimum. If it's an adult dog, walking 30 kilometers is not a problem (heatwaves aside).

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    Troll? Or just clueless?

    Malinois are one of the most difficult dog breeds to own.

    There is no “exactly how much exercise” on ANY dog, so you’re also mistaken.

    “Husky” isn’t a breed. Most husky type dogs need several hours of exercise a day.

    Malinois need jobs. They need work. Walks, fetch, and laying in front of the computer making fake questions simply won’t work.

    These dogs exist to be busy all day.

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