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Should I have Cheat/Refeed days? If so how can I actually enjoy the day?

Hi, so I’ve been really doing great in my diet. I have loss 30 pounds and I’m feeling great. (I’m 15 years old, 5’8; I have gone from 163 to 130). I am really loving nutrition and keeping my body in best shape possible because I am on the cross country team at my school. I find that sometimes I really want to eat what I crave but I’m scared to even go near it because I feel if I even just eat one piece, I might become uncontrollable and eat it all. So I looked into it and have found cheat/ refeed days. I made the mistake and watched YouTubers take on this day and have followed in there footsteps every Sunday since 5 weeks ago. I would stuff my self silly but not with horribly bad foods. Like I would make homemade pizza and still eat some healthy things on the day I splurge. I hate the feeling of bloating the days after but I’ve been able to bounce back. My next one is tommorrow, but I don’t want to treat it as a day I eat whatever because I can. I want to eat what I’m really craving but not go overboard with the calories. I’m trying to plan out my day But I don’t really know how or where to start. Any advice?

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    The whole idea of "cheating" is the wrong mindset.  You  are still really early in your life-long journey for health and a healthy body.  It is NEVER heathy or positive to stuff yourself silly -- even if it is broccoli or spinach.  It isn't mentally healthy to think of eating someone you might enjoy as cheating.  You need to see that each day you get the opportunity to make 100 choices about what you will or will not consume based on your goals and what will support you achieving those goals.  You understand, at least a little bit, that we all need to control caloric intake and maximize the nutrition of what we eat.  Once you begin to see food not for what it tastes like in the moment but for how it either helps or hinders you, it will be easier and freeing to NOT eat pizza, for example -- and when and if you DO eat pizza, you will eat a moderate amount and will enjoy it!

    I would encourage you to: 

    1. Not to stuff yourself at any time.  

    2. Check your BMR or TDEE calorie allotment and make sure you are eating enough everyday.  

    3.  Do your best to avoid junk food, fast food, highly processed foods, sweets, etc.  When you want to indulge, PLAN for it by managing your food choices on both sides of the indulgence. 

    4.  Don't consider anything cheating.  You are the master of your own body and mind. The only person you are cheating is yourself. Take control. If you want to have pancakes, own that choice.

    5. Understand that weight management is a marathon not a sprint. You've done an amazing job in losing 30 pounds. Now you need to learn to transition to a permanent lifestyle where you can maintain your healthy weight -- or lose more if that's appropriate -- when not feeling deprived.

    Good luck.

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    Many people will include a cheat day or at least a cheat meal. There are good reasons to do it, but if it becomes a reason to compromise your nutrition more frequently then cut it out.

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    In a good diet there is no need to cheat because you should not feel deprived. If you are having cravings then something is lacking in your diet.

    A healthy diet is part of a lifetime lifestyle.

    You are currently an excellent weight for your height and should be on a maintenance diet.

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    theres nothing wrong with cheating once in a while

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