Call off work after deer accident? ?

On my way to work this morning I hit a deer. Hard. With adrenaline pumping I thought I’d just make it to work late. But my car was more damaged than I 

thought and towed. My lower back hurt immediately and hurt worse as I settled down at home. I’m glad I listened to my husband and officer to rest at home. I did not think I was hurt enough to go to emergency room and it’s a Saturday so my doctors was closed. Plus I had no car as husband left for work once I was okay. I am sore in a few spots that I’m sure will go away. However 

My lower back is pretty darn sore. I’ve rested and iced it all day, hard to get comfortable. Especially now trying to sleep I’m uncomfortable and anxious about work tomorrow. Thought I’d go into work and if it was really bad I could ask to leave but not always possible. (Healthcare worker). I hate to call in and leave work short for the second day in a row. Especially since I haven’t seen a doctor yet so no note. I’m torn. I’m second guessing my decision to push through and work tomorrow when maybe I should give my body time to heal. Today was my last PTO time 

as well. Don’t want work to be upset I’m calling off all weekend and also short staffed. 

Any advice? 

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  • edward
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    BS about not being able to leave if it hurts. I have a cold, it’s awful tbh voice loss, dysphagia, headaches, cough, nausea, it’s the worst. If i need to go home i let my direct supervisor know. Although i work in Children’s Emergency...any kid 24 hours to 16 years old i see them all.

  • 1 month ago

    Only you know if you are capabyof working tomorrow. If you do decide to call out you should go to the doctor immediately and get a note excusing you from work. But if you are just a little sore and don't think you have injuries that prohibit you from working you should go in. I honestly don't think you would have asked this question if you really felt like you were in dire need of medical attention or were injured enough to take the day off. 

  • marty
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    Your well being has got to be your top priority. It wouldn't be good for anybody if you went to work only to have to leave, or worse, you could cause your injury to get worse and cause you to lose even more work. Stay home and relax, alternate from ice to heat, it helps my back.

  • 1 month ago

    i would go see a doctor so you can get a note

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