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Is it easier to live in San Francisco without a car?

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    I sold my car before I moved to SF. I don't miss it at all. Public transportation is plentiful and the city is quite walkable.

    When I was married we had a car and it was a huge hassle. You have to pay to park it, We were paying an amount that equaled 30% of our rent. Even with secure parking and home and at my husband's job the car got broken into several times. We had to replace our music system 3 times and the expense of have windows replaced. This is part of the reason car insurance is higher in a city than in the burbs. In addition street parking is difficult to find and you have to move your frequently to avoid parking tickets. Even with a residential parking sticker you can still be ticketed for blocking a driveway or crosswalk and street cleaning. It doesn't take long to wrack up $1000 in tickets.

    Driving in the Bay Area is a nightmare our traffic is the worst in the US. If you are living in the city there is no reason to own a car. You can join a car share program for those times when you need a car and can't use a cab or one of the ride share programs.

    I know many people who rarely drive their cars and just move it from place to place to avoid tickets. Eventually they come to the conclusion that not owning a car is the way to go. You don't own the car, it owns you.

    That is why not owning a car a much more desirable way to live in SF and NYC.

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    It usually is. San Francisco is so crowded with tight roads that make driving quite stressful. Parking space is scarce and expensive. Car break-ins in SF are on the rise. It's a small city with so many other transportation options.

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    it might be, the large cities have more buses around

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    definitely. The hills make driving scary, too many one way streets, and plenty of public transportation

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