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Is anything ever truly 'unforgivable', when someone's past is taken into account? What makes something unforgivable?

For example, a lot of criminals were abused/neglected, and it's easy to see how they ended up the way they did and that it could have been prevented if someone had intervened.

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    In mere imperfect eyes there can be found many unforgivable things but in God eyes who reads hearts anything I'd possible judge and not be judged. God judge on the basic of what a person does after learning better applying wisdom changing their ways and feeling remorse about what they have done this is pretaining to your question only not everything else commented might of commented on .

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    There are two kinds of forgiveness.

    The kind that says "I'm better than you... so I'm doing you a FAVOR by forgiving you."

    Then there's the kind of forgiveness that says, "We all need forgiveness. We are all a mixed bag of evil and of good. Of course I forgive you... because I need forgiveness too."

    I grew up with a terrible sister. She ripped my thumbnail out with a pair of pliers when I was four. She stabbed me with a pair of scissors when I was eight. Every day she would torment and torture me. She would suffocate me with a pillow every chance by sitting on my face, while laughing like a hiena until I was on the verge of passing out.

    I was frail, cute and tiny and she was twice my size.

    The truth is, she was jealous.

    Jealously turns to hate and hate will become murder if left to fester. Evil always finds its highest ground.

    I forgave her everything...


    Because of what she did to me (and others in my family) I grew up to be a very hateful person... angry all the time. And I became abusive....

    That led me to remorse.

    I hated who I was.

    I despised myself.

    That self-loathing - being crushed by my own sins, crimes and evil - was what led me to seek mercy from God. And I was rewarded with eternal life in the process.

    So forgive everybody everything....

    Because YOU need forgiveness too.

    And if you don't forgive them, God will not forgive you.

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    Nothing is ever truly "unforgivable;" rather, the evaluation is the Truth in Love, wherein and wherewith the soul personality, lovingly shown the erring away from Good, naturally and divinely desires to make Good, make amends, in God's way and will.


    "Understanding Yourself" by Mark Prophet;

    "The Kindness Challenge" by Shaunti Feldhahn.

  • One's history is not relevant to one's actions.  With the exception of some (rare) mental illnesses, every day you wake up you can be a different, better, person.  Many acts must be regarded as unforgivable in order to prevent them, or others, from repeating the act knowing that they will be forgiven.  Can you imagine a culture that would forgive any mass murderer who blamed the act on the fact that they were spanked as a child.

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    I don't believe in free will, I think it's a brain illusion and that "you" are the sum of your experiences, an emerging property of all your brain parts working together. So I'm able to forgive rather easily, most of the time.

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      I agree. 'Should' 'Would' and 'Could' should be erased from the dictionary. Not to go all Yodo, or anything. but you do or don't, there is no try.

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    That depends entirely on the person in whose power it is to forgive or not as well as the thing to be forgiven. Some people can and some can't. It doesn't require an understanding of philosophy to see the truth in this.

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    My stance is that there are a handful of actions that can make someone completely unforgivable. In no particular order, they are rape, genocide, murder as a hate crime, and willingly murdering a child.

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    probably when someone murders someone

  • Yes that's right

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    This is true, but the reason criminals are sent to jail isn't so much to punish them as it is to protect society.

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