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why are city pet owners collectively retarded?

they answer every question as though everybody lives in a crowded @ss apartment building with no yard or time for their pets.

anytime somebody asks questions about tethered or outdoor dogs, they answer as though they know anything about them LOOL. they cant fathom anybody not working for 8 hours everyday or stepping foot outside a apartment so they think outside dogs universally all get no attention.

or else they think cats shouldnt go outside because they will bother neighbors - what neighbors exactly?

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    Actually, cats should not go outside because it is dangerous and many studies have been done to prove that they have a shorter life expectancy if outdoors as they are exposed to more dangerous factors. They can live happily and healthy inside, you just need to make the effort to provide enrichment for them.

    What you are saying is very offensive, and you clearly are not educated enough on this topic. I'm not saying that all city pet owners give good advice, but a lot of what I have read is reasonable and proven beneficial.

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    Cats KILL wildlife, they effect the ecosystem. Wildlife programs beg people to keep cats inside.

    Keeping a cat inside also prevents them from being hit by cars, killed by coyotes, killed by dogs, fighting raccoons, fighting other cats, etc etc.

    What stimulation does a dog get from being tied up? Would love to hear what you have to say on that.

    Tying a dog up doesn’t assist ANYTHING. Too and I’ve got a house and a yard for my dogs.

    I disagree with a few things that the dog community does spew, like anti crate when not home, or anti working a normal job, but otherwise a few things you listed are just plain neglectful.

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    Cats never need to be outside unless its on a leash or into an escape proof enclosure. Cats do not need to roam loose at all. In the city they are commonly ran over, stolen, poisoned and killed by people whop don't want the cat in their yard or killed by a dog and its always the lazy owner fault

    In the county they are commonly shot and its legal since they are pests by law and slaughter not only wild life, they kill poultry and damage property. They also get killed by wild life and dogs or they are poisoned

    Dogs don't need a yard and too many dog owners use a yard to put a dog in and leave the dog in the yard to escape, be stolen or be poisoned.

    No dog should ever be kept outdoors. That's the sing of a LAZY owner that should be banned from pet owner ship

    Tethering ends with dead dogs

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    In my city, it is illegal to let your cat roam. Leaving your cat outside is basically animal abuse. The life expectancy of an outdoor cat is a fraction of the life expectancy of an indoor cat. That applies in cities and in the country.

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