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Muslims: Is soccer really haram (sin) in Islam as ISIS and Al-Shabaab have said in the past?

Two old news but valid for the question:

1) Al Shabaab ordered all football pitches to be shut in Mogadishu, Somalia.

2) ISIS executed 13 teenage boys for watching Iraq v. Jordan in the 2015 Asian Cup in Mosul.

Is it really haram? Or just for fanatics.


Hey anon calm down, I never said you Muslims are equal to these terrorists.

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    Some Muslims object to some aspects of the competition, not the sport per say. They object to things like the dress code because men should not expose their thighs. Gambling is also forbidden in Islam but the sport is heavily influenced by gambling companies promoting their business. Some also believe that watching the sport has turned into an addiction, distracting Muslims from focusing on their religious obligations.

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    Actually ISIS being created by the US. to create havoc in the Islamic countries of the Western Asian region, as you see. So it is delivered from the womb of Neo Imperialism or Neo Crusaders for their evil political interest.

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    @Sam your parents failed to raise you properly. You need to stay offline and see a therapist. Stop being so obsessed with Islam and Muslims you pathetic little ******* ****.

  • sam
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    1 month ago

    Most Muslims are just retarded scum balls, even when educated in western countries.

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    1 month ago

    NO, all these are LIES AND FALSEHOODS.

    EDIT: Thank you, re-edited my answer and please educate yourself.

    All you posted, those terrorists have murdered those people. This is murder and terrorism at work. These people are being terrorized in every way and their lives being taken.

    If you say they are not equal to Muslims then why you even say what you said in your question?

    Edit: Those terrorist organizations are spreading lies, my truthful Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said there will come a time and people who will spread terrorism and who will terrorize people through manipulation, killings or murdering people and who will spread lies about Islam.

    My Prophet also knew how they will even carry a black flag with the seal print of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

    These terrorists are trying to fight my Prophet through terrorism and they are carrying his seal on their filthy flags.

    Terrorist groups are slandering the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, and trying to slander Islam as well.

    Educate yourself. terrorist organizations are NOT part of Islam.

    Terrorist organizations like Isis or Al-Shabaab have NOTHING to do with Islam or way of life in general.

    Terrorist organizations are trying to destroy Islam with their treacherous and murderous ways but they will never win, they will never destroy Islam. Anyone who attempts to fight God's religion, will become an ultimate loser and will become a failure. They will fail in their wicked plans, their plans will crumble into nothingness.

    These wicked scumbags, delusional, drugged, paid, brainwashed terrorists are terrorizing those places by taking away people's lives and murdering them no matter what are their beliefs.

    Those terrorists are the ones who are haraam, don't be an idiot.

    Allah will deal with terrorists and those who oppress people. These terrorist organization will not get away from God and will not get away with murder and terrorism.

    Differentiate the difference between Islam and terrorism because Islam has nothing to do with terrorism and terrorists are trying to taint Islam by pretending to be Muslims when they are NOT Muslims and are bringing in falsehood into societies.

    They are trying to manipulate real Muslims and are trying to change the true beliefs of Islam.

    These filthy scumbags terrorists are paid to do those things and to cause havoc in normal everyday lives. They have NOTHING to do with Islam. NONE whatsoever.

    Educate yourself because you know nothing about Islam and you know nothing about what is forbidden by Allah and what is allowed by Allah.

    Living life and fulfilling normal daily activities are NOT forbidden. Those people are being oppressed and their lives are being taken through manipulation, deception, treacherous lies, spreading falsehoods about Islam and their lives being taken literally.

    These drugged lowlifes scumbags terrorists will not get away with their terrorist activities especially for impersonating real Muslims and for spreading falsehood. They will face God one day about their crimes. All their crimes they will face.

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