What could go wrong if I register someone else's car in my name?

My friend's license is suspended and wants to buy a cheap car and put it under my name. He wont be able to register the car without a license so that's where I would come in. I'm never owned a vehicle so I'm not exactly sure what this would entail. Will this affect my credit? What sort of legal issues could I run into? Is it even legal to do this? 

Let's say the car gets towed and he never pays to retrieve it? Would that show on my credit score or be tied to me in some way? Let's say he gets into legal trouble like a hit-and-run or DUI. Can this be traced back to me?

I want to help him, but I'm not going to jeopardize my own well being for this. Any insight is helpful, thanks.

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    4 weeks ago
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    Your "friend" is a Liar; he can buy any car he can afford with his money. He can even get title, register it, just Not get Tags. . He can get a lot of insurance, too, like anti-theft, fire (will be $$). Just can't Legally drive it on public road. I will not judge him for losing lic, might be Medical reason.Chances are he is irresponsible and maybe had a DUI, though. Him I would NOT help. You don't need "friends" like this and lie to you.I Know; I bought a car about 2 years ago; as I recall I did Not have to show license; got transfer title and reg. taken care of, got a new plate; all But tags, as smog check not done.(I had it show proof of liability ins/financial responsibility , of course. He can show same, as it's on the Vehicle, Not the Driver.)

    Go wrong? At best, nothing. He will now get to work, pay any fines/restitution; eventually get license reinstated and Buy the car off you At worst; he can kill someone,, if he has no insurance, the family will sue You, big time. No, not on your record, but can financially hurt you for decades.

    Towed? Any parking infractions are on your head. I doubt your credit will be affected, no infractions/violations necessarily affect credit. I was in prison 3 years; my credit wasnt affected. DUI? Moving violations are only responsibility of the driver.

    EDIT: Why Does he need a car? What Happened to old one? Suspicious. If he lost it in crash due to DUI or RD, I'd Not help this person..

    My renter had lic. suspended, got fake so he could go to work and Pay his Fines. Worked fine, for `14 months, until he was pulled-over for broken taillight..

  • 4 weeks ago

    Your would lack any common sense.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    My friend was killed by a drunk driver who'd had his license suspended.

    You will be responsible for a lot that he does wrong in the car if anything and the odds are he's a bad person to be asking this of a sweet person. Just don't.

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Sooooooo are YOU also going to be driving him everywhere as without a license he can not even drive it home?  WHY is his license suspended?


    Are you a fool?  Hell no you do not go along with this scheme because if the car is registered in YOUR name you are responsible for everything that happens while he drives with n license or even with one.  Goes on your credit report and if he misses payments they come after you and ruin your credit. Then one final thought and read it real carefully several times...................................

    if he kills someone aren't you as guilty as he is for allowing this little scam to go any further?  Can you live with that?  Can you personally pay for a life.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    They don't suspends your license for no reason. Think about that!!!

    • No, BUT, they Can Also suspend for medical reasons. seizure. diabetic coma. Don'f jump to conclusions.

  • 1 month ago

    You do not need a license to register a car.

    If the car gets towed, YOU owe the fees, it;s your car. Your name on the registration yes, the car can always be traced back to you.

  • 1 month ago

    Where are you? In my state, ownership of a vehicle has NOTHING to do with being licensed to drive. The vehicle can ONLY be registered in the name of the owner, or lessee.

    Driving is an entirely separate issue under the law.

    There is NOTHING good for you that can come from this. Even if you are not legally liable for what he does in the car, PROVING he is that liable party will be a major headache.

    YES, you can be charged with KNOWINGLY allowing him to drive YOUR car without a license.

  • Eva
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    1 month ago

    Why does he need a car if he doesn't have a license? You would be a fool to participate in this scheme. If you register the car, you also need to have insurance on it. If you allow an unlicensed driver to drive it and they have an accident, the insurance will not pay and you will be on the hook for damages. If the car was seized the charges would certainly come back to you as the owner.

  • 1 month ago

    This would mean that it would be your car that you are allowing him to drive. It would not be his car.

    1. If the car is in an accident, anyone entitled to money for injuries, death, or property damage, can go after you for the money, just like if it was your car, because it is your car.

    2. Even if it he doesn't get into any accidents, you're still going to have to pay his parking tickets, camera speeding tickets, etc.

    3. Depending on the state, you could go to jail or prison for letting someone (him) drive your car without a license.

    Your credit score may also be an issue -- but it's not the most serious.

  • He gets towed, you're the one who owes the charges and fines.  So it is a blot on your credit.

    Yet that isn't remotely the worse which can happen.

    You're liable for the the car and everything that happens with it.  Every single accident, they can sue you and all your future earnings. If your friend kills someone, because he is a drunk and won't stop driving, they can not only sue you but charge you for helping him to continue driving.

    You knew he didn't have a license, yet you "loaned" him your car to drive around in, so whatever he does, you're as guilty as he is.

    Suppose he hits someone and flees the scene.

    That'd leave you trying to prove to the cops you weren't driving the car which is registered in your name.

    • Chances are Good, however, he was DUI/ speeding/RD, tickets. But, law of the land is innocent until Proven (Found), In Court, Guilty.

  • 1 month ago

    you will be responsible for any infractions that happen with that car

    • I got a ticket while driving my Dads car, it fell on MY shoulders, alone.

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