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The Quebecois will be deported back to France, even if they were "the first ones here." Any thoughts?

French people don't belong in Canada, never did. Canada is Anglo Saxon/British country. English is the language of Canada. Canada is also ruled by the Queen of Engerland, NOT someone from France!

Forget about them "separating," just deport their backsides back to France where they BELONG!

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    Why France? They have lived in Canada for up to 450 years. They don't even speak the way the French do any more. They call the language "French," but, it is a totally different dialect. The English, and French are about equal in number in Canada, and both put together are only about 1/2 of the country. The other half is all sorts of people. And, there has been no "King (or Queen) of England" since 1707. Do keep up! Canada has had it's own monarch since 1931, with the Statue of Westminster.

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    You are way out of date.

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    Oh, Canada...........

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