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Which is better? Upgrading my car's audio system or buying a portable speaker and playing it in the car?


Sound quality.

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  • 1 week ago

    There should be no question:

    Upgrade the audio system.

  • Why in the hell are you intending to go after a portable system? A wired system is the best.

    A stock system in a 2012-2019 vehicle sounds adequately decent, but it doesn't get LOUD enough. The older stock system in vehicles under 2009, it sounds poor and weak.

    So yes, upgrade to an aftermarket system.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Better how? Give us an idea of how you define "better" and we'll give you a proper answer. Easier to do? Cheaper to do? More speaker power and loudness? Better sound quality? What are you playing music through, a smart phone?


    UPDATE - a wired system is going to sound better. Upgrading the audio system will sound better. Improving the sound deadening insulation of your vehicle to reduce engine noise, road noise and wind noise will improve the sound quality of your system immensely. The quieter the car, the better any system will sound.

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