New piercing questions!?

Hi, I  had 4 piercings done 1 week ago - 2 Helix and 2 on one lobe to start a constellation style look. 

The helix seem ok apart from random burning sensations once or twice a day - no pain or symptoms otherwise. Is this ok? They really burn and my ear goes red but generally subside after an hour. The lobes are ok apart from one of them is incredibly sore while cleaning and recently a little blood mixed with the water was on the pad I use to dry with. I also seem to get a clear white discharge from the lobes but again no symptoms otherwise and the discharge I’m pretty sure is not pus. I’m doing salt water soaks 2x per day and rinsing after with warm water and otherwise following the LITHA method. Can anyone say is this all normal? Also is it ok to wear earrings next to the new ones in my existing lobe piercing or will it harbour bacteria?I’m leaving my hair up all the time and sleeping on the other side quite successfully. All were done with needles.I currently have 4 other piercings but all were done such a long time ago and were a nightmare to heal! I need antibiotics to heal them. So paranoid these will go the same way and feel like a newbie with these ones!Any advice or reassurance would be ace!Thanks!

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  • 1 month ago

    Sounds like you're doing great! That burning feeling is very common, and it comes from blood rushing to the piercing sites to try and heal it. The white/clear discharge is also normal; that's lymph discharge which is also part of healing. I don't think there is anything wrong with the piercings at this point - they're just trying their best to heal and kicking up a normal fuss in the meantime!

    One other thing to note is that it is always harder on the body to try and heal more than one place at a time, so getting 4 piercings at once is likely making your ear extra angry. It's not that it won't heal, but it may take just a bit longer than normal and it might swell/hurt a bit more in the meantime. I have a piercer that won't do more than 2 piercings at one time for this reason. But you should be okay! Just keep up with the cleaning and otherwise leave the piercings alone as much as possible!

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