How do you make rats and mice live together ?

We just gave away our chinchilla (it was too aggressive) and want new pets. We have its old large rodent cage. One of my sisters wants rats, but my other sister wants mice. I'd like two hamsters but can live without them. Our mom and stepdad dont want to buy another cage. I heard that rats rape, kill or eat mice. My stepdad said they can introduce them and have them live together if the rats and mice are both female. Is this true and can they eat the same food? How do you disperse the aggression when they start to fight? He said there will be fighting in the beginning but they won't eat eachother. Is it okay to put three rats and four mice in the cage together? 

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  • Nathan
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    1 month ago
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    Chinchilla are not aggressive unless you did not do the appropriate research and house then in large enough enclosures. Rats and mice can not live together, and they have completely different needs.

    One mouse (females must live in pairs/groups, makes must be solitary) needs an 80X40cm cage. One rat needs 2 Cupid feet of space (though they must live in pairs or groups). Both of them are expensive, they require a cage filled top to bottom with toys and veterinary treatment as many suffer with illnesses (especially if they're from a Pet shop).

    Rats and mice have completely different dietary needs, so using the same food will lead to health issues, and a lack of nutrients can make them even more prone to cancer. They need a balanced diet, meeting all the correct percentages of each nutrient, which can not be done if you are giving them the same food.

    They do not fight - they kill. They can't communicate to eachother, any rodent who is considered territorial or who is a predator (omnivore or carnivorous) should not be housed with other species due to the high risk of predatory behavior occurring.

    You need to know that rodents require lots of attention and research, and you can not humanely get one knowing that you may give it away. You need to make sure you have done enough research, have enough money and can confidently say you won't regime them before considering getting any

  • 1 month ago

    "Just gave away our chinchilla (it was too aggressive)" I think you need to give the animal keeping a rest.

  • 1 month ago

    Well, the different rodents cannot live together in a mixed enclosure.

    I had a hamster, 2 rats, 5 mice, a vole, and 2 girbils, all in different cages.

    Rats will kill anything other than rats in a rather short time.

    Male mice together will fight, the solution is a neutered male with females, but mice really should live in pairs or more.

    Same thing with rats and girbils.

    Hamsters are ones for independence and should be kept alone, especially the Syrian.

    My sister had 2 chinchillas, as tame, sweet and social as they come, likewise, they can't co-home with any other rodent.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Yes, rats are known rapists. No, it's not okay to mix rats and mice. In fact, it's not okay for you to own ANY pets.

    Why? "Bleeder: the demon talking to me. I dont want him to? He appeared to me a week ago. I did not try to summon him, didn't even know he existed. I wish he never did. Ive been trying to block him out. He told me to cut off my fingertips and watch the blood go down the drain. I almost did it. He tells me to hurt myself and my father when im working or sleeping. I wake up crying because in my dream he is stabbing me. He is 2000 years old and looks like a grey robot covered in blood. I dont want to kill my dad but he relentlessly keeps on. I cannot use holy water because that will possibly remove the entities i like to summon and talk to like the radio demon and bendy demon which do not cause me harm."

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  • Frank
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    1 month ago

    Why f#cking RODENTS? They are disposable and DISEASE carriers. These little vermin need to be exterminated...not caged and coddled. Get a DOG...or even...a cat. Maybe a FISH. Something that lasts longer than a WEEK.

    • Nathan
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      1 month agoReport

      They don't carry disease, not domestic ones anyway. The wild ones only have diseases because of how filthy humans leave the earth. They last between 1-30 years depending on the species, but you clearly aren't educated enough to know that

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