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Am I the only one who has an interest in Antennas?

As people Love the view from the Ferris Wheel, and while I Love the view from the Ferris Wheel, too, and while the view from the Ferris Wheel is known for it’s view of people looking around, I unlike everybody else, look for Antennas around town it’s my obsession Is it odd to identify Cell Towers, and know which ones they are, and how they look, and where they are located at, and to spot how many places you can remember that you can see them from off in the distance in and around town? Is this unusual? Also, whenever I go to the top floor of a tall building, I like to look for TV Towers, Radio Towers, and Cell Towers off in the distance, and I know which Towers they are, and I know where they are located at, and whenever I look over trees, or on the highway, I like to look to see how far they are, and how tall they are! Is this unusual?

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  • marty
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    1 month ago

    Everybody has different things that interest them, it isn't unusual at all. It really is ok to be different though.

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