Need help with starting 3D printing ?

I’m interested in starting 3D printing, I’ve been thinking about buying a Creality 3d ender but I have two questions.

1. Which 3D printer would you recommend for starting 3D printing

2. What software would you recommend to make the 3D modeling? I haven’t used a 3D modeling for a very long time so I would be practically starting again on modeling.

Thanks for answering.

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    I use blender and 3d priner by microsoft systems

  • 1 month ago

    The printer depends on your budget, requirements and interests...

    eg. A kit one can give more capability for the cost than a ready built one - if you like building things such as that..

    There are hundreds about, kits and ready built, in many different size and price ranges.

    I have an Overlord Pro, from their Kickstarter campaign, which is excellent. I cannot recommend any specific type, there are just too many.

    Modelling software is a different matter.

    If you want to do engineering-style parts, things to precise dimensions to fit together or to other things - look at "Designspark Mechanical" which is free from RS components.

    With that and my printer I can make parts to exact sizes, to one or two thousandths of an inch accuracy.

    If you want more artistic things, characters, that type of thing - Blender.

    Or for general stuff, Google Sketchup is apparently OK.

    Most printers work by extruding plastic [Fused deposition modeling - FDM)] - but there are also optical ones that use light-curing resin - stereolithography or DLP systems.

    They generally are rather limited in size but have much higher accuracy and better surface finish that the FDM ones, though the materials can be rather more expensive.

    The "Anycubic photon" is a name I've seen mentioned a lot in connection with those.

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