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Yesterday I played someone. What happen?

During the game at the point when all my major pieces were gone. Only 4 pawns were there. My opponent had 3 pawns, 1 castle, and a queen. My opponent want me to push resign but I refuse. I text them to corner me. It appears my opponent does not know how. If I were my opponent The game would end allot sooner.

What would you think?

Thank for looking it.


It seems to me the person who was my opponent is pretty good by knocking out allot of my pieces then another takes over and started playing.

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  • Yavan
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    1 month ago

    Learning calculation is an art.

    I take, you take, he takes…

    You take… oh wait, there's check…

    Take… take… that's still en prise… gone.

    Yes, this does sound like a beginner game, although sometimes, it gets wild even at the grandmaster level.

    The main difference being the grandmasters had a good idea where this was going before it all began.

    What likely happened is you were both looking for attacking opportunities and paying little attention to defense and he got the better of you.

    I would suggest getting a stronger positional sense.

  • 1 month ago

    I would think that sounds like 2 beginners playing each other.

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