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What philosopher was against Descartes view of reality and his view of truth?

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    ronald mcdonald wrote a well known treatise: "the hamburger of existential pickles and special sauce", a searing indictment of the millenial predisposition towards selfishness and instant gratification. descartes, when finding out about it, went ballistic and ordered the fries.

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    Almost every (?all) postmodernist must, of necessity, disagree with Descartes' conception of "exist" and reality.

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    Thomas Hobbes was dumbfounded by Descartes' axiom that God Is. If a person, such as Hobbes, cannot accept "God Is," then she is likely to turn into a Thomas Hobbes. The relationship between Descartes and Hobbes is similar to the God-believing/knowing Plato and his sometime student, Aristotle. Both Hobbes and Aristotle were nature-speculators, e.g. instead of Hobbes accepting that God's Ideas were accepted and reflected in Descartes' soul, and then extended into matter in space, Hobbes proposed that thoughts literally moved about in his head; this notion, when tweaked to stand for neural pathways lighting up via transmissions, is reasonably correct at that atomistic or materialistic level. It does not and cannot countervail Descartes' and Plato's axioms that God Is Self-evident to those who inquire within.

    The basic distinction between those who know God Is and those who begin with atoms (empiricists) is bridged over by Immanuel Kant, who proposed that atoms and empirical phenomena were handled by rational inquiry, and that the super-natural God of Plato, as understood by Noesis, was Noumenon--something beyond empiricism and rationalism. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Analogy_of_the_divid... Soren Kierkegaard consciously tried to move, as a Knight of Faith, into Noumenon, God. Arthur Schopenhauer asserted that knowing the will within was knowing the Noumenal...however, the most he discerned of it was that it was wild, untamed.

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    Learn to search the internet to answer your homework questions. Keyword searches are not exactly as hard as doing brain surgery. I'll give you a hint - there was more than one and they were empiricists from Britain.

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