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What do I need to power my Gaming PC in a rural village in India?

I have no knowledge of electrical field, bu I do know the power is limited here and cuts out. It is less power because sometimes the fan and lights flicker when running simultaneously

Someone's explain what I need. An inverter ups battery..wh i need ??!?!

Pc is 750 power supply and I an hooking it up to a 40 inch 4k led tv

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    Ju need energy and lots of it


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    Depends how bad your power supply actually is, how often and long you want to play, how easy or difficult specific parts of kit are obtainable... lots of variables.

    Your own generator (solar/battery, gas, diesel,...) would be the safest bet. If that is not necessary, an on-line UPS would be the next safe bet. As to how big the batteries would need to be, that would depned on the reliability of your power supply and your gaming habits.

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    Solar power with suitable storage battery is the only alternative I have for you.

    Team  a charger for the batteries while power is up.

    Run all that like a UPS.

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    you need a stable power supply to play games on a PC. without it, your games will crash.

    if you want to play online games, you also need an internet connection.

    if you need the specs, check the tech specs of the PC and the Sys Req of the games.

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