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How does a good poker player deal with someone who doesn't even look at his cards?

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    Go with the odds. If you have nothing then just fold. No point in trying to bluff. If you have a pair of aces then look at the odds that he’ll have 2 pairs or better.

    Maybe he found a way to cheat. Reminds me of an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh where Joey duels against Mai. She seems to know what cards are on deck without looking and it freaks him out. Joey then remembers something Yugi said to him so he closed his eyes and noticed different smells. He figured that Mai could tell what card she has by their smell.

    Or Phil Ivey getting sued by a casino because he can tell which cards are what based on the imperfections of the cards. He noticed that some cards were printed slightly off center so he can tell what card it is. The cards had tell tale signs.

  • 1 month ago

    lol if you have to ask then you're not a good poker player.

    • John1 month agoReport

      Yeah I'm the guy not looking at his cards so they can't read me

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