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Did Australia abolish white Australia policy so that it can be taken over by Asians?

Neither the aboriginals nor the whites who founded the country and built it from scratch were asked if they wanted the transformation into a country of Chinese, Indians, Filipinos, Vietnamese etc.

Same in Canada too. In any case, it is not indigenous people who are reclaiming their land if you think that is a real justice.,.

They did have a plebiscite for same sex marriage. But they completely transformed the demographics of the country without consulting the people.

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    Blackfellas and whitefellas must work together to save Australia.

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    White countries are open to everyone dude. Doesn't matter if it's a New World country like USA or Australia or an Old World European country like Britain, France or Germany.. Asian countries, however, are homogeneous. This is the fault of white people themselves though, they're delusional and buy into hippie bullshit about the races getting along. They'll learn the hard way when they become minorities.

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    Harold Holt was responsible for that. he was one of the worst PM s Australia has ever had

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    The WAP was abolished under the misguided and wrong view that everyone is the same. This was followed by the equally erroneous and even sillier view that whites are responsible for the ills of the world.  This has now culminated in the current Brown Australia Policy. 

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    first you have no right to it you took it others can its nature taking back , build what you like they will build what they want the Romans did in Britain and the Normans it isn't yours

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