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Approximately how old is this Squirrel and what should I do to take care of it?

We found this baby flying squirrel in the yard today. We took it in and decided to keep it. I fed it a mixture of water, salt, and sugar to help hydrate it. I also bought puppy supplement powder to feed it. Its eyes have opened. It has teeth.> i want to know about how old he could be? He drank the solution i made very well. And he looks lively. Any tips to help me out please? I’d really appreciate it!

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  • 2 months ago

    Put it back outside. Its a wild animal and let nature take it course

  • 2 months ago

    It looks wet, which could make it look younger than it is.  

    As you said, it has teeth and its eyes are open.  If it were with its mother, it would still be nursing, but it should be able to eat solid food.

    You can use rat food or hamster food from the pet store.  Squirrels eat much the same diet.  If it has trouble eating enough solid food, you can cook it a little with water to make it soft.  With luck, it should be fine.  

  • 2 months ago

    I doubt the poor thing is weaned, and will need the proper formula, amount to feed and feeding schedule. Do you know the proper mix?? what about post feeding stimulation to prevent bloat

    If your homemade electrolyte doesn't kill it, a marginal chance it will survive until you get the know how and sopply needs to care for it.

    Usually it fails.  even with pros.

    Looks dehydrated to the point an IV would be needed.

    An emergency case for a vet or rehabber.

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