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How long should two miles take in cross country for 7th grade meet?s?

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    1 month ago

    It varies. People of any age run at different paces. Most people, who have no disability that affects their walking, can walk a mile in 20 mins, and most people that can run a mile can do so at least 16 minutes, so considering the kids on the cross country team train and should be in better shape than the "couch potatoes" (so to speak) even the slowest members of the XC team should be able to get through 2 miles in no more than 30 mins, and most likely most of them closer to 20 mins (or less).

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    Depends on what school you go to, but the top boys might finish anywhere from 11-13 minutes, while top girls might come in 12-15 minutes. There should be a wide range of times for the whole race, but I've never seen longer than 30 minutes for dead last.

  • 1 month ago

    No longer than 20 minutes.

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