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What do you guys know about these Aermacci Harleys? Are they collectables, worth restoring? Any parts anywhere?


The hair up my *** is, I have a real Harley and would like an enduro or trail biker. So, I;d have "two Harleys"?

Yeah, stupid idea..should wait for a Metric that is running and good tires. No points to adjust, either, But, I lived with breaker points on bikes and cars until 2010. Ive restored one Honda and did top ends on 2 Triumphs, got partially into restoring a '47 WLA.

Update 2:

I'd Prefer firsthand exp. That's why I ask. Anyone, even You, blue anon , can google. I talked to Harley dealer, they know Nothing about them.

Update 3:

I went 4 it, got all 3 for $400 . The guy and his son were restoring the 350 2 stroke, but kid ran out and bought a Kawi dirt bike that ran and lost interest. Guy musta had 8 bikes including these and a moped and Low Rider.

Update 4:

Parts actually available on EBay but $$. Could part these 3 out on EBay and triple my money. I Wont, the 350 cc 4 stroke motor looks like a Norton single. Cute. Will get the 350cc 2 stroke running, see what I can do for others. sell them or give away Worth more, running. Getting title is only $78 each.

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    Looks like 3 completely different model Sprints Those are collectable, but from a strictly monetary standpoint, unless you do almost all the work yourself, most vehicles in that condition will usually cost more to restore than their restored value. I wouldn't bother if there is no title for any of those bikes. If there is, parts can be found, but your most economical option is to find another bike without a title, cheap. If you've never restored a bike before, odds are high these will overwhelm you, they're in pieces because they already did that to the last guy.

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    Spelling it right would help you.

    Aermacchi Harley-Davidson produced lightweight motorcycles during the 1960's and 1970's.

    Took me all of 2 seconds to Google it. As for the other questions you can Google research it yourself.

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      What an Attitude. You could say google it or youtube it to 90% of questions. Not in the spirit of YA answers.Experience trumps wiki, it is often wrong, anyway.

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    Aermacchi is an Italian aircraft manufacturer established in 1912. They built airplanes for the Italian military during WWII. After the end of the war, they started building scooters and motorcycles to provide inexpensive transportation to the Italian civilian population. They produced a variety of small scooters and motorcycles with engine capacity from 125 to 250cc.

    Harley-Davidson bought a half-interest in Aermacchi's motorcycle division in 1960, and they built a 250cc and later a 350cc single cylinder motorcycle for Harley's American market. Harley had some success in racing the little bikes, but they never were big sellers.

    When AMC bought Harley-Davidson in 1969 the company apparently lost interest in selling the little Italian made bikes in the USA, and the Aermacchi motorcycle division was sold to another Italian motorcycle builder, Cagiva in 1978.

    While a complete and running Aermacchi-Harley may be of interest to a serious Harley collector, I would think that parts to restore a 60-year old orphan motorcycle would be extremely hard to find.

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      Sorry for Last comment, JD, Wrong poster. This was for Anon with Attitude, just told me to Google It. Even the Harley dealer here knows Nothing about them.

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    i dont know anything, except that i just got 2pts

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      Its Pratt and Whitney, stupid, they made aircraft engines during WWII and , at present, jets for miiltary aircraft.

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