Successful eradication of plaster beetles? Anyone? ?

Help, we have a new build home and been in over 1 year. Over the past few months I have noticed plaster beetles on my walls, light switches, skirting boards etc. Never in clusters always on there own. 

Our developer sent out a site agent and he confirmed they are plaster beetles. 

However he said our walls/plaster are dry and the bugs are living off the paper on the back of the plaster ..... then will die once this has gone. 

We live in a 4 bed house how long will this take !?!? 

Anywhooo we have been provided with a dehumidifier for 1 week to help the problem. 

Has anyone successfully got rid of these blighters and if so how long did it take ? 

Any help or advice from people who have been through this would be much appreciated :) 

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    i would call pest control and have them help you with it

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