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Parent opened joint credit account without consent?

My main question is, is what my father did legal? Or does it qualify as fraud or identity fraud? Because idk, I swear I thought both parties had to be present to open a joint account.

Here’s the situation:

A few weeks ago, my dad told me over the phone to give him my SSN b/c he wanted to open a credit card for me under Capital one, I didn’t want to open a credit card account so I refused and then he was calling me annoying; apparently he somehow has my SSN buried away somewhere because he still managed to open a joint credit account without my knowledge to some bank called “Credit” One not “Capital” one. Moreover, I’m going to be 19 and am capable of opening my own credit card account if I so wish, plus I seriously don’t appreciate the fact he used my identity like that. (heck, he didn’t even get my last name correct! Out of spite for my mother, he completely excluded her maiden name which is included in my full last name).

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    Contact the bank and tell them your parent opened a joint credit card with your name on it without your consent.

    As joint credit card account holders, both users will be responsible for any amounts charged to the credit card. If one person can’t pay, the other person is on the hook for the charges.

    That means if he does not pay you will have to.

    Most banks no longer allow joint credit cards. The only 2 I found that still do are US Bank and PNC Bank.

    So, it boils down to this. Is he trustworthy? Do you want to take a chance of getting stuck for all charges on the card?

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    If you report him, he will get in trouble,

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    It's not legal and it does qualify as fraud and identity theft.

    However, no parties have to be present when an acount is opened; accounts are often opened online, by mail, or by phone.

    Also, you weren't capable of opening your own credit account before he did this. Most places won't let anyone open a credit account who has never had one -- so if you can open one now, it's only because he gave you that ability by opening the joint one first. And it's against the law to let someone under 21 open a credit card account alone without a job, proof of income, or a cosigner.

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    It may be legal.  What's the legal age in your state?  18, 19 or 21?  He did not steal your identity.  Stealing one's identity is pretending to be another person.  I doubt very much that your father could get away with claiming that he is you.

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      And applying for a credit card requires the signature of the person applying. If that person is signing your name, and is not you, then how old you are is irrelevant. A signature is officially saying "I am this person whose name I am writing." And if you are not, that's the very definition of fraud.

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    maybe you should talk to your dad about it

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    Credit cards are commonly opened by mail, so nobody is "present" to open them, but no it's not legal to open one in someone else's name. Write to the company and tell them this was opened without your knowledge or consent, and you don't want it. Copy all 3 credit bureaus.

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    Illegal sure...but are you planning to report him to the authorities???

    Pull your own credit report, find all open accounts and contact those companies...

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    Then you need to be grown up, phone and tell them you did not give permission.

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    If he did it after you turned 18 then yes, its illegal

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