Malevich painted the painting "Black Square". She is recognized as a masterpiece. I am ashamed, but I do not understand what is her genius?

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  • 1 month ago
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    Kazimir Malevich has repeatedly stated that he created the picture under the influence of an unconscious, a kind of "cosmic consciousness." Some argue that only the square in the "Black Square" is seen by people with underdeveloped imagination. If, when considering this picture, you go beyond the traditional perception, beyond the visible, then you will understand that this is not a black square, but a multi-colored cube.

    The secret meaning embedded in the “Black Square” can then be formulated as follows: the world around us, only at first, superficial, look looks flat and black and white. If a person perceives the world three-dimensionally and in all its diversity, his life will radically change. Millions of people who, according to them, instinctively attracted to this picture, subconsciously felt the volume and color of the Black Square.

    • miyuki & kyojin
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      This is a con game. Is disgusting then anyone believe such "Osu no Kuso"!

  • John P
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    4 weeks ago

    The word "masterpiece" is attached to an artwork, not to an artist.

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