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If I give my child up for adoption.?

would my parents still be allowed to see it if my child will become part of another families life.


and can I choose what kind of family to give it to.

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  • kitta
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    When you give up your child for adoption, you give up your parental rights to your child. That means the adoptive parents gain not only your child but they gain the parental rights to your child. They make all the decisions as to who sees the child.

    You can no longer make any decisions for or about your child.

    It is possible for you to have an "open adoption" but that does not give you parental rights. The adoptive parents will still have parental rights and they will still make all the decisions for the child, as parents.

    When your child reaches adulthood, you and your child will be "free agents" and can have a relationship....if both of you want it.

  • Kelly
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    Once you sign TPR (termination of parental rights) you have no legal claim to the baby and neither does your family. Any type of contact is at the discretion/mercy of the adoptive parents because they are the legal parents.

    If you work with an adoption agency or attorney, they will help you to pick out a family. In most modern day adoptions the expectant parent(s) choose the adoptive parents. You can pick the type of family you want for your child.. married, single, same sex couple, race, religious beliefs, etc. They get profiles of PAP's (prospective adoptive parents) who meet the criteria you have specified. It's possible for you to meet in person, talk on the phone, video chats and include them in your pregnancy if you would like.

    A lot of adoptions these days are open adoptions meaning you have a part in the child's life growing up. That can be visits, letters, pictures and other types of updates. However, it really is at the discretion of the adoptive parents. They can choose to close the adoption if they want to and that can and does happen.

    Though you can include them in the pregnancy and even in the delivery room with you... I'm not a fan of the adoptive parents in the delivery room, you need that bonding time in the first few hours with that baby. I think that can created coercion and expectations that you still have to sign TPR. A lot of expectant mom's change their mind once the baby is born and it's okay to decide to parent. Even after you sign TPR, you have a revocation period which varies state to state it goes anywhere from 3 days up to finalization (which in most states is 6 months for finalization) to change your mind and reclaim the baby. Most revocation states are 3-30 days.

    Open adoptions can work out very well and a lot of kids adjust to adoption and have less adoption trauma issues with them. All kids who are adopted have adoption trauma, even those adopted at birth. I have 3 adopted kids and 2 of them were adopted from foster care. All 3 of them have adoption issues that we work through. We adopted a baby through a private adoption and have an open adoption with her biological mom & family. Her bio mom sees her a few times a year (lives in a different state), gets updates on her and we overall have a good relationship with her. We named her together, but really we would have went with whatever name she wanted. We've had a few bumps along the road but we've worked them out.

    It's not uncommon for an open adoption to be closed at some point and the decision can be on either side. some birth parents, seeing someone else raise their baby can be traumatic and it's too hard for them. Sometimes differences in opinions in how the child is being raised does it, among other things.

    Another couple I know who adopted a baby, they also seem to be doing quite well with the open adoption they have with their son's birth mom. His birth mom got married recently and he was in her wedding.

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    That type of agreement could not be legally enforced.

    You can ask the adoptive parents if that is something they would agree to, but if they later change their minds, you can't do anything about it.

    Source(s): Adoptee and Adoptive Mom.
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    Will a court order the mgp's visitation with the kid in the adoptive parents' home? No.

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  • .
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    If the parents consent and the child wants to.

  • k w
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    1 month ago

    see an attorney, it's jeffrey leving around depends on your contract, if you have one or not....

  • Brian
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    Only if they are the ones who want to become the legal guardian of the child. Otherwise, they would have to work something out with who ever gets your child, if they know.

  • 1 month ago

    It depends if the family the baby is given too wants an option adoption. Once you sign over your rights tot he child the adoptive family does not have to let them see the baby

  • 1 month ago

    It is doubful that you or your family would have any rights to see that child at that time. This is something you would need to talk over with the parents who are adopting the child and if they say yes then you will just have to hope they keep their word.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    No, after adoption, you, and your parents are out of the picture, until the child is old enough to ask to see you themselves.

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