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Can Other People Add my Camera?

I have a landlord who said that if I were to get a security camera, it had to be a Nest camera,  as they had other Nest devices in the house and other companies like blink, would interfere with them.  However, I have found that to not be true. But a friend in IT suggested they might be able to access it since it would be connected to the same wifi as their Nest devices and they could add my camera to their account. Does this sound plausible to anyone? 

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    What does your lease say? Nothing about security cameras? Then the landlord can pound sand.

    Other model cameras will NOT interfere with the (high dollar) Nest stuff. Not at all. If that were an issue, then every cell phone and wireless device in the building would also interfere.

    Get what you want without wall mounts, there are plenty that just sit on a stand. Use a secure login to the cameras, and be done with it.

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    I have no idea.

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    A security camera not permanently fixed to the house is none of the landlords affair and there are plenty free standing systems on the market.

    If you are looking to add to an existing system, yes, it would have to be compatible.

    You would have to talk to nest to see if additional cameras means additional charges, that could come out of your pocket.

    A note here, any indoor non secure cameras, your privacy is at stake.

    Our surveillance is secure WiFi, If adding an indoor camera, only the landlord can see what the camera sees, I couldn't view my own camera.

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    Call Nest's customer support.  Yes this sounds legit, but call Nest to get expert advise.

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    They can do this with any wireless device, regardless of manufacturer, it might be slightly easier with devices from the same manufacturer that's all. Get a camera you can encrypt and it won't make a difference.

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    Use whatever you want, 

    and Don't allow Anyone Else to access your cameras. 

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    They could...if you gave them your account username and password.

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    Get a second opinion with someone knowledgeable about cameras. Don't go with just one guy's opinion.

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