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Who was better: The 2005-2009 Edge or the 2011-2014 CM Punk?

As an overall package

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    I think both had the total package as far as psychology, workrate, charisma, mic-skills, and wrestling ability goes. They both were great heels, too. I think CM Punk would probably be a better wrestler if he was cleaner. He had the better move-set, with striking, mat-based attacks, and he had a great finisher. They both have great psychology, and both put their prides aside to make their opponents look good, too. It's close on wrestling.

    They both have great mic skills. Like Candle eluded to, CM Punk did a lot of shoot promos and said what was on his mind. He was an expert at it, and made a lot of sense. He could build a match with his promos. Edge was thew same way. He could get a reacton from the fans, but he stayed in character. Edge imo is pretty underrated on the mic. It's a close one.

    I don't know who has more charisma either. If I had to give the edge to somebody... It would probably be Edge.He could be a versatile heel, a heel people wanted to hate, and a crazy,demented heel. dang, CM Punk was, too. I'll say Edge though. Edge had star quality, too.

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    Was never a Big Edge fan, but he was way better then WWE CM Shmuck

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    The 2005-2009 Edge, 

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    Cm Punk obviously, was on the A show and outperforming Cena for a bit, it was a mistake to turn him heel and align with Heyman but he made the most of what he was given to work with.

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    Edge by a landslide... Cm Punk is a legend for internet marks.. Edge is a true legend of the business who put his body on the line for our entertainment and never complained about it like CM Punk did.. Punk walked out on the company in a huff whereas Edge was forced out, went to the point where his body couldn't take it and clearly loves the business

    As for those exact reigns, Edge was the one of the best heels of that era, only Randy Orton I would consider being as good a heel..

    Punk, face or heel was never THAT guy. He was overshadowed by John Cena in every aspect unlike Edge, Orton, Daniel Bryan who at times were atleast on par with Cena in popularity

    • Huggy1 month agoReport

      And went PG and yeah he was abit banged up and fatigued but the comparisons you can't deny are completely different.
      Actually it goes to show that Punk wouldn't of lasted in the attitude era if he could barely last in the pg era lol
      Edge even said if he had a chance he would do it all in a heartbeat

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    Tough Choice, Really tough one, I'd say Edge. One of my most favourites. CM Punk isn't bad either.

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    Edge by far ... he came up during the attitude era as a bit player and then when he finally got to the top of the WWE it was amazing .... his main event matches were special and he was at the top until he retired .... CM punk had a memorable but less impactful run at the top ... Edge feuded with everybody and beat everybody

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    Edge. He was in his prime and could be charismatic without 'shooting' on everyone. Both men had matches and moments that'll go down as classics, but even if Punk hadn't been washed from the history books I think Edge's moments and accomplishments would've outshone the Straight Edge Superstar's.

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    The Rated R Suuuuuupeeerstar Edge

    2011 - 2014 CM Punk in retrospect was, rough.  Each match got even more sloppy than the last one as Punk's ego grew believing he deserved to be booked like the greatest thing since Steve Austin well complaining how all he wanted was one main event at Wrestlemania then he'd retire.  Why would WWE keep pushing a guy whose getting worse in the ring, clearly doesn't want to put his all into it, thinks he deserves to go over The Undertaker and constantly whines about retiring.

    • Amy Flower
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      Didn’t want that match, he would of been a natural fit to be in it and give the fans something they hadn’t seen yet. Wwe hasn’t been in touch with what the fans wanted, they didn’t want Batista vs Orton at wrestlemania 30 either, wwe are still not delivering judge by hell in a cell main event.

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