What size Circular Needles do i need for my beanie? :c ?

Hi, i'm trying to knit a beanie; however, i bought the wrong size needles-chord. 

it's an US 8mm/ 29in/ 73.6cm

i had to knit at least 125 stitches minimum, to prevent it from getting stretched. 

Could someone help? it was massive.. i made atleast 6 rows, then was devastated by the results... ;-;

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  • DIEGO.
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    1 month ago

    this is a good question!

  • If that's supposed to be a beanie, some thing went way wrong. I don't think the chord is the problem, 125 stitches is way too big for a beanie. You shouldn't need a 73.6 cm chord (about 30 inches) to make that. You can always rip it out and try again.

    Usually you start with a smaller size double pointed needle until you're finished with the rib stitches (if any), then move up a size in a circular needle. Once you reach a certain amount of rows or get to the measurement you need then you start reducing your stitches and move back to double pointed needles (same size as the circular needles) to complete it.

    Usually the needles are recommended on the ball of yarn or in the pattern under the materials section, that lists what you should need. Usually about 50-60 stitches is what I've come across in adult hat patterns to make a beanie. It looks like the needles you have may be too big for the yarn your working with. You may have to go down a size or two. Then get a size smaller in double pointed needles to do any rib stitches with. Then you may need the same size double pointed needles as the circular needles to complete the pattern. Try knitting up a gauge swatch first with the different sized needles, before you start working on your pattern.

  • Eva
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    1 month ago

    To knit a beanie, you would have to start out on double pointed needles until you had enough stitches to move onto a circular needle or if you're knitting from the brim up and starting with 125 stitches, then you need to figure out how many stitches per inch and select an appropriate needle and yarn size from there. A 12 - 16" circular needle should e large enough. I would guess a size 5 or smaller depending on the weight of your yarn. Talk to someone at a yarn shop to help you. Your stitches are much too large and will stretch more.

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