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Chlamydia question?

If the partner thinks he might have Chlamydia if he masterbates into my mouth (no contact to mouth from the dick, just *** swallow) can I get it if he had it ? ( he’s been treated just curious because they say to wait 7 days till you have sex)

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  • You can get chlamydia in your mouth or throat, if he gives you oral sex while he has chlamydia or while he's being treated for it. You can also call it a penis, since you think you're old enough to have sex.

    If it's been treated and cured then there's no risk of you getting it.

    If he's being treated for it, he should go back to the doctor and get re tested to be sure that he's clean of chlamydia.

    You should wait the 7 days before having oral sex or intercourse, or he could infect you with it.

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