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Would a cello make a good boat rudder?

I was wanting to do an experiment to make a hodgepodge Mexican type raft out of odds and ends, mower engine and mower blade for propulsion, oil drums for floatation, old hardwood floors and bed frame for deck, and an old cello as a rudder,

The cello is an instrument that i never was able to play and sounded awful and didn’t produce music after I bought it, so it sat in the attic for years. 

Would a cello hold up in a freshwater lake where I. Will be testing the Mexican boat to see how effective Mexican vessels are trying to see if Mexicans can possibly get into the country, or if Mexicans illegally coming in rafts is impossible?

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    The glues normally used in musical instruments are water soluble. Parts can be removed for repair.

    The cello will would fall apart fairly quickly if soaked or submersed.

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      Thanks for the troll biscuit

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  • mars
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    3 months ago

    Yes. You could play Handel's "Water Music"..

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  • 3 months ago

    I doubt it. Cellos are not built to be strong that way, especially when wet. I'd expect the "blade" of your "rudder" to break off the first time you tried to make a turn.

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