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Do Christians agree Muslims hate Jesus more because he was Jew & they are growing more jealous about Jews?

One reason is that G-d helps Jews & not them so much & it is against their racist teachings...

Iranians aren't Arab, But Arabs control the country...

I am Jew living in Iran... I am Not Christian, But I like Jesus more as it is MORE reasonable LESS racist than other things like Islamic teachings & he was a Jew...

I support Judaism for Israel & Christianity for West like the way it was...


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    NO CUZ ONE TIME ONE OF the muslims said Jesus is in the Koran BUT THAT PROVES Koran is fake...CUZ JESUS IS THE TRUE CHRISTIAN GOD...muslims worship a fake moon god. KEEP PRAYING..

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    Actually the Islamic hate for the Jews is presented in the Koran where they betrayed Mohammad. Unlike the radical Muslims of today Mohammad did not kill the innocent and children, only the men who conspired against Islam.

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    No. Muslims hate Jews because they are Jews and for no other reason. Those who hate Jews hate God. For they are part and parcel of the same psychopathology.

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