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How can I help my brother?

My brother has autism. Hes almost out of high school and he has communication problems due to his disability. My mom refuses to get him in therapy due to his condition because she believes his communication barriers has gotten better (which I don't believe at all) and he can get exposure at his future jobs. He needs some sort of intervention or else he will fail... Is there anyway I can get custody over him while our mom is still living so I can get him the help he needs, because his condition is pretty serious and our bigoted mother refuses to believe that.

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    if you are an adult, sure you can petition. Is there a reason he can't be his own guardian at 18 and consent to his own treatment?

    to be guardian, likely you need to be living away from your mother and self supporting...and be able to meet his financial needs. In the US, he should be eligible for SSI if he can't work.

    sometimes you can be guardian, but he lives elsewhere, but that is not likely if he still lives with the mother you claim is neglectful.

    at 18 if he does need a guardian and expresses a wish that you be the guardian, the court may grant that.

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    No, you can't get custody of your brother unless your mother is found unfit, which is unlikely, or she chooses to relinquish parental rights -- again very unlikely.  What you can do is be support of your brother and encourage him.  When he turns 18, he will have "control" over more of his life and you can then pay for him to go to whatever therapy he is willing to get.  You don't have to have custody of him to provide the means for him to get therapy.  If you can't afford to do that, how would you afford to support him if you had custody?

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    Talk to his school counselor about how he is doing in school. Hoping the means you are older and able to help him, but you would need to get a lawyer and prove that your mother is neglecting his care and then they would transfer custody over to you or another guardian who could then get him the care he needs. You are a good sibling for wanting to help him.

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