Which Doctor to see after spinal manipulation gone wrong?

 I had a spinal manipulation on my neck and upper spine to correct a misalignment. On the same day I noticed a strong pulse on my left side (inc. feet, hand and back of head). I have difficulty sleeping because of this. I forcibly lifted left side of chest out in hope of calming the pulse, but strong pulse has spread to right side. Locally, I have the option of seeing a spine surgeon or a neurologist - who should I see for investigation and diagnosis?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Seeing your GP might be the best place to start.  You might only need a referral to a physical therapist, as your problem could be caused by muscle spasms.   I would guess that if the problem can't be fixed through physical therapy, you might get sent to an orthopedic specialist to get an image of your neck or other parts of your spine. 

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