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Is hypertension curable?

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    Eat a healthy diet. Cut back on salt and exercise.

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    It depends how bad your BP is. Slightly elevated levels can be lowered through lifestyle changes like quitting smoking, eating healthier, and exercising regularly, and losing weight. It's going to be hard to lower more than 10mmHg with lifestyle changes and really depends how many of these risk factors you already have.

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    Factors You Can Control

    Watch your diet! Salt (sodium) can boost blood pressure in some people, especially people with diabetes, those with severe hypertension, older people, and some blacks. Excess fat in the bloodstream can create deposits of cholesterol on the internal walls of blood vessels (atherosclerosis), thus reducing their caliber and increasing blood pressure. People who are more than 30 percent above their ideal body weight are liable to have high blood pressure. Studies suggest that increasing the intake of potassium and calcium may lower blood pressure. It would be a mistake to wait for high blood pressure to develop before taking positive steps. A healthful life-style should be a concern from an early age. Taking care now will result in a better quality of life in the future. ? While awaiting the time when all people will have a healthful life and “no resident will say: ‘I am sick,’” keep your blood pressure under control!—Isaiah 33:24. Also (Revelation 21:4)

    Source(s): Can the Bible Teach Us?/What is God's Purpose For Humans
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    It depends on what is the cause. Hypertension is primarily a symptom of some other problem so you don't really cure the hypertension, you relieve it by addressing the actual cause. It can even be lessened even when there is no primary cause (like being overweight or having too much sodium in the diet which can be addressed and in so doing, reduce the hypertension problem).

    As a symptom or consequence of a condition, rather than a disease itself, though, it is not really something that can be "cured".

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    Yes. If one loses weight, watches their diet, and takes up a regular exercise regimen. Most are too lazy to do it.

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