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How to deal with body dismorphoc disorder? ?

I’ve had it for some years now and it makes me so unhappy. How am I meant to love myself and be happy within my self when I feel ugly and am so beauty obsessed? If you don’t know what this is then please don’t answer with anything cruel 

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    Counselling can help a lot and you need to start there

    You can find the source of this negativity and set up an internal dialogue to quiet whoever's the source of the criticism. There's always someone somewhere who said something that stuck in the brain and you have to find it and extract it. You can also help yourself by redirecting your obsession. Find something that isn't looking in the mirror and going to makeup and Beauty places. Try to focus on everything that isn't outside appearance. Do things for others

    Volunteer to help at a hospital, food bank, soup kitchen, a homeless shelter - help others. Go places and do things where appearance doesn't matter. Soon you'll feel better on the inside and the outside will be so unimportant that you will suddenly see yourself differently.

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    go to psychologist......

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    You need counselling to improve your self esteem. Pride in your self image will follow

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    Olivia newton johns daughter had this. You should see her now, she got gigantic fake boobs and big lips. Maybe see a therapist as it is out of my expertise..

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