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My skateboards rlly slow?

so I asked a question about my skateboard being super slow and the two answers I got told me that its the bearings. I was just wondering what are some cheapish but good brands of bearings because I'm a noob and I really don't know anything. Also, could it be the wheels? Because it doesn't ride as smooth as my friend's skateboard. The skateboard is basically gripping to the ground and I have to use so much effort to push every 4 seconds which is tiring. Thank you :)

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    It's most likely your bearings, I reccomend getting bones red bearings they're widely used and usually only about $20.

    As for your wheels there are two factors that will effect your speed, size and hardness. Softer larger wheels 60-75mm with a softness rating of 78A-87A are better for speed and cruising (expect to spend $30-50), while hard smaller wheels 55m with a softness rating of 95A-100A are good for tricks, an but are terrible for cruising around on any thing other than smooth concrete.

    With larger wheels you will most likely need riser pads (these are generally very cheap) to avoid wheel bite (when turning your wheel hits the board). With larger wheels you'll also have to lossen your trucks to acount for the lost handling. The size you get depends on the size of your wheels and your board.

    Getting new bearings, wheels, and riser pads will probably cost you in the range of $55-$75

    If you want to know more about deck type and truck type just comment.

    Source(s): Been skating for 6 years
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    you likely need a harder compound wheel ...

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