If i asked lord of the rings character samwise gamgee what i should get my friend for his (my friends) birthday, what would samwise say?

Hello i am a glass half full kind of person and a child at heart and i asked my friend what he wants for his birth day and he said he doesnt want anything from me he wants it from samwise gamgee so what would samwise gamegee get for my friends birthday. Yes i know samwise gamgee is not real if he was than i would have just asked samwise gamgee myself

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    A big bag of good rich soil for your friend's garden.

  • 1 month ago

    A good, traditional hobbit gift is a mathom - which is something that nobody really wants but will act delighted to receive, and will promptly re-gift to someone else.  In this way, mathoms make the rounds of nearly every family in the area, until they are finally taken out of circulation and displayed (neglected) in a mathom-house.

    If you're not feeling that traditional, then with Sam being a gardener and the person who re-built his ruined community, you could think of a plant or even a tree.  (Sam also liked a good beer, btw.)

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