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In just One word, how would you describe trump's supporters, and Mostly Importantly WHY would you describe them in that way?



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  • Justin
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    1 month ago


    There is a literal million man army of professional Press 'hit men' out there destroying people with lies, 'Me too-ing' people, covering up murders as 'suicides,' attempting to infiltrate the Presidential campaigns of their political rivals, using communist style 'federal bureaus' to manufacture fake conspiracies to remove public officials, arresting and detaining foreign nationals and extorting them to testify to fake crimes in order to treasonously overthrow a duly elected sitting President, igniting supporters of this farce to vandalize pubic memorials and tearing down memorial statuary reminding us of previous federal government atrocities, subverting the rule of law with gender biased or racist mob rule movements, encouraging human trafficking and lawless ingress into the country to replace Democrat voting rolls from a plague of drug overdoses and ghetto slayings in their districts, creating a 'protected class party' that now gets to decide for us who stays in power and who doesn't.

    Yes, it takes courage to stand up to that kind of evil.

  • 1 month ago

    patriotic......reason.. because Trump may be many things, but I do believe he loves this country.

  • xg6
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    1 month ago

    Uneducated. Most are unread, under educated and aren't curious about the world around them, preferring to be spoon fed propaganda from Fox News

  • Judith
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    1 month ago

    Immoral. The Conservative Right has lost whatever moral guide they used to have as evidenced by their bigotry and willingness to overlook Trump's glaring faults.

    Can you imagine going to work and telling a person of color to "go back to where you came from" or to find a co-worker with disabilities and mock them for it or grab a co-worker "by the pussy" or to call a less attractive co-worker a "horse face" and a "dog?" Trump has said all of these things. Most people wouldn't do this or they'd lose their jobs. If you aren't willing to be the kind of person to do those things then why would you elect as president a person who has done each of these things ON CAMERA.

    I truly believe that Trump does not know the difference between right and wrong - that he is amoral. I believe that he believes he's done nothing wrong. Why would anyone want someone like him as President? I just don't get it. We deserve so much better - Republican or Democrat - I don't care. Just get him out of office.

    • Justin
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      1 month agoReport

      Trump's policies have employed more minorities with real nongovernmental benefits than at any time in U.S. history. His most accomplished apprentice is a black female. If he is a 'racist' he is as terrible at it as you are seeing through Democrat lies. He is only trying to stop human trafficking.

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  • zeno
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    1 month ago

    Patriotic as they want to keep illegals out

    And the economy working and give people

    Jobs so they can get out of debt and get

    Out of poverty. Democrats want everyone

    Enslaved in poverty with no jobs and no

    Opportunity to enjoy life.

  • Sally
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    1 month ago

    Cultists is the best word I can find.

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    • Justin
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      1 month agoReport

      LOL. All of that describes the Clintons, not the Trumps, who have been mercilessly assaulted without a basis while the 'ends justify the means.' Right comrade?

  • Henry
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    1 month ago

    I don't think he has any supporters anymore.

    • Justin
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      1 month agoReport

      WRONG moron. Some people don't like communist style 'bureaus' deciding for us who we can and can't elect as our President by infiltrating his campaign, using fake conspiracy investigations and now arresting foreign nationals and extorting them to testify to fake crimes and overthrow our President.

  • Jim2
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    1 month ago

    Gullible. Trump is a demagogue, a con artist that tells you what you want to hear. Demagogues/Con artists ensnare gullible people. And Trump, though arguably the worst president we ever had, is a great con artist.

  • 1 month ago

    Working folks.


    The working class supports President Trump.

  • 1 month ago


    An anguished question from a Trump supporter: "Why do liberals think Trump supporters are stupid?"

    The serious answer: Here’s what we really think about Trump supporters - the rich, the poor, the malignant and the innocently well-meaning, the ones who think and the ones who don't...

    That when you saw a man who had owned a fraudulent University, intent on scamming poor people, you thought "Fine."

    That when you saw a man who had made it his business practice to stiff his creditors, you said, "Okay."

    That when you heard him proudly brag about his own history of sexual abuse, you said, "No problem."

    That when he made up stories about seeing muslim-Americans in the thousands cheering the destruction of the World Trade Center, you said, "Not an issue."

    That when you saw him brag that he could shoot a man on Fifth Avenue and you wouldn't care, you chirped, "He sure knows me."

    That when you heard him illustrate his own character by telling that cute story about the elderly guest bleeding on the floor at his country club, the story about how he turned his back and how it was all an imposition on him, you said, "That's cool!"

    That when you saw him mock the disabled, you thought it was the funniest thing you ever saw.

    That when you heard him brag that he doesn't read books, you said, "Well, who has time?"

    That when the Central Park Five were compensated as innocent men convicted of a crime they didn't commit, and he angrily said that they should still be in prison, you said, "That makes sense."

    That when you heard him tell his supporters to beat up protesters and that he would hire attorneys, you thought, "Yes!"

    That when you heard him tell one rally to confiscate a man's coat before throwing him out into the freezing cold, you said, "What a great guy!"

    That you have watched the parade of neo-Nazis and white supremacists with whom he curries favor, while refusing to condemn outright Nazis, and you have said, "Thumbs up!"

    That you hear him unable to talk to foreign dignitaries without insulting their countries and demanding that they praise his electoral win, you said, "That's the way I want my President to be."

    That you have watched him remove expertise from all layers of government in favor of people who make money off of eliminating protections in the industries they're supposed to be regulating and you have said, "What a genius!"

    That you have heard him continue to profit from his businesses, in part by leveraging his position as President, to the point of overcharging the Secret Service for space in the properties he owns, and you have said, "That's smart!"

    That you have heard him say that it was difficult to help Puerto Rico because it was the middle of water and you have said, "That makes sense."

    That you have seen him start fights with every country from Canada to New Zealand while praising Russia and quote, "falling in love" with the dictator of North Korea, and you have said, "That's statesmanship!"

    That Trump separated children from their families and put them in cages, managed to lose track of 1500 kids. has opened a tent city incarceration camp in the desert in Texas - he explains that they’re just “animals” - and you say, “well, ok then.”

    That you have witnessed all the thousand and one other manifestations of corruption and low moral character and outright animalistic rudeness and contempt for you, the working American voter, and you still show up grinning and wearing your MAGA hats and threatening to beat up anybody who says otherwise.

    What you don't get, Trump supporters in 2018, is that succumbing to frustration and thinking of you as stupid may be wrong and unhelpful, but it's also...hear me...charitable.

    Because if you're NOT stupid, we must turn to other explanations, and most of them are *less* flattering.

    • Dora1 month agoReport

      You are an idiot.. how dare you presume to know what Republicans think.. so this is ONE WORD?

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