Messed up ovulation ?

So I had an iud put in in December and it’s been about four months since I have gotten it removed I had my first cycle all start the 18th if this month and I’m trying k track my ovulation and all I’m getting is high fertility and not hitting my peak. Did I permanently damage myself or am I just regulating out. Super stressed 

1 Answer

  • 4 months ago

    Relax.  Call your ob/gyn and discuss your concerns.  It can take several months for a woman's hormones to re-regulate after use of hormonal contraception.  Some women also just have wonky cycles -- a reason they may have started hormonal contraception.

    Being stressed isn't going to fix things. Relax and enjoy having sex.  It can take several months of "trying" for a woman to conceive.  Tracking ovulation obviously gives you a target, but most of human history we've managed my just letting it happen.  Again, if you are really worried, call your doctor.  

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