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I can't even ride my Harley down the highway because sport bike hooligans keep picking fights?

Each time I try, I get these hooligans on sport bikes intimidating me and other Harley guys and even comitting violence. My MC is trying to be patient but man we're wearing thin.

Just yesterday, some clown in a Ducati kept trying to hit me on my bike as he passed by, only to distract me from this other dude who swung a chain around from his CBR and whipped me clear off my Harley at 85 mph. I could hear them yelling "HA HA!" as I tumbled into the pavement and slammed into a brick wall

Luckily I'm ATGATT so all I suffer were a couple of bruised ribs. I'm actually typing this from hospital. Doc says I should be out by morning.

Why are sportbikers such @$$holes? We need to plan retaliation.

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  • adam
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    1 week ago

    Shut up troll you dont even own a bike

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  • Erik
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    4 weeks ago

    knock it off troll

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Again? As a Real Harley rider, clubs that get into fights are Harley riders. Sport bikers just ride, don't get organised like we do.

    I had a friend take a bullet while riding with the Hells Angels PA. A Pagan was aiming for an Angel. This actually Happened..

    Why do I Bother? I'm as bad as You for taking it seriously. I rode 166 miles yesterday, at times up to 85 MPH to catch up with the ALR. Went to Mescal, Tombstone, Sonoita, back to AL Hall #109. This Really happened. Cliff and I passed cagers at 75 on I-83 N, 2 sports bikes with us; Yammer YZF-R3s. They bought the beer.

  • Jay P
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    1 month ago

    You say this happened yesterday but 2 days ago, you posted the exact same thing...

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  • 1 month ago

    It's your personality, dude.

  • In
    Lv 6
    1 month ago

    I saw this same exact question 2 weeks ago. Reported.

  • Bort
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    1 month ago

    Sounds like this isn't just some random hooligans they are more likely a sport bike motorcycle club (gang) that doesn't care to stay within the law, their purpose is to cause trouble. If you haven't already reported this incident you described here to the police you should. That would be the first step you can take toward participating in stopping this kind of activity. Another thing you can do is not ride alone and don't just ride with one other friend ride with as many as possible. If your group out numbers people that do this kind of thing they usually don't harass any of your group.

    Other things you can do is if you see them coming avoid them. Pull over and get off the road. Take the very next exit and go around another route to where you're headed. Slow down and let them pass if you can't speed up (safely) and stay ahead of them. Give them a milk shake! If they're blasting up real fast to catch you drop a hammer on the brakes so they whip by you, throw them off their plans of hitting you with something then do what you have to do to get away.

    Me? I would get a gun and a permit for carrying if your area requires it and join the USCCA. These clowns are threatening your life. It is completely legal to shoot to kill to protect your own life. Carry a tire iron or chain on your bike and if another biker messes with you throw the iron or chain in their rims or swing back and aim for their chest or head. Knock them off their bike - take them out. That's what they're trying to do to you...they actually managed to be successful. You're lucky to be alive. If you don't protect yourself and there's a next time you might not be as lucky.

    Get police involved, and protect yourself.

    • Tim, as one who has ridden with the HA AZ, Huns, Berserkers, Cochise riders: This is a wet dream. Neva Hoppen.

  • 1 month ago

    This has happened to you how many times in the three and a half years since you started telling us about it? You must be tough as hell.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago









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