Is this gun real? If so, what kind?

I keep on getting this image in my head. It’s a handheld, kinda like a sawed-off shotgun, but it has four barrels (2x2).

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    Winchester Liberator or , a sawed-off Lancaster four barreled shotgun, but you would have to be an absolute fool to cut the barrel on one of those expensive jewels. Then again there are a ton of fools out there.

  • 1 month ago

    Such shotguns were made, today, quite vintage and expensive.

    Heard of a quad in .45 that would take 410.

    A number of pistols, mostly derringers, usually .32 or under.

    The vintage pepperbox as many as 6 barrels in one casting.

    (One of those in 410 if I recall)

  • 1 month ago

    Size? Sharps 4 barreled Deringer/pocket pistol was made and a current model fires .22 Rimfire cartridges- sister hasone,carried when doing late night cashier work. .One squared piece of steel with '4 barrels' /holes drilled in it. Old black powder model was made rimfires also, largest was .32(?) Trigger/lockwork has a cylinder firing pin rotating 90 degrees each time fired/******, striking area of cartridge is inside edge. A .38/357 with 3 to 4 inch barrel was made for awhile-not Sharps but some other name., was a variation in lock work of a soviet underwater pistol according to article Guns and Ammo, was on TV show used by one of villians- Miami Vice(?) . Other example was a WW1 era in .455/476, Lancaster named, used by Royal Navy, had a few special cartridges for signalling but mostly standard Webley ammo and officers purchase, some civilian purchase.

  • abdul
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    1 month ago

    There used to be a weapon called a "Pepper box" pistol. Some of them had more than 4 barrels. This link shows some photos.

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  • C T M
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    1 month ago

    I've never seen a 4 barrel shotgun, there's a 3 barrel shotgun by Chiappa called the "Triple Threat"

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