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Would leaving your shower towel on a rack in the bedroom during winter make the bedroom feel colder? or no influence?

I think mine feels colder when my towel is still a bit wet but maybe its in my head.

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    no, not colder but it will add moisture to your room. Thats a cheap way of adding moisture if you cannot afford a humidifier.

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    A damp towel can act like a swamp cooler. When the water evaporates, it cools the air around it. It works especially well when the towel is cooler than the room temperature. That's how we kept cool without an air conditioner back in the 1950's. Just hang a wet towel in front of a box fan (or on top of it) and let the fan blow through the towel.

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    Nope. I work doing snow removal in the winter.

    It's your bed dressing. In summer you should have one sheet and one light blanket. In winter you need one sheet, a winter blanket and a comforter.

    I can come in from shoveling snow, drop my ice coated Carhartts on the floor. Slip under the covers and never feel a bit cold

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    No. The towel would take on the temperature of the room.

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    It's in your head. The humidity from the towel should actually make it feel warmer.

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