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Sugar Gliders, hedgehog, Ferret...  which one smells the least?

Hi, im 22 and just moved to a rather small apartment, I really want to get a pet. Im torn between 2 sugar gliders, a hedgehog, or a ferret. Im experienced in caring for exotic pets so im not worried about any of that. my main concern in the smell I heard ferrets have a natural gross oder, I also heard that hedgehogs get "poop stockings", when their feet get caked in poo... I understand every pet has a unique smell, but in your opinion which of these three pets smells the least horrible?

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    Well, ferrets have musk glands and under stress can become offensive.

    Like any animal though, proper cleaning after them, they hardly smell.

    A friend breeds hedgies, what of their smells is mostly from the foods, keep that part fresh. aspen shaving and/or fleece helps deal with the poopy feet syndrome.

    Gliders are squirrels, not much difference with them,

    Days gone by, I had a pet skunk and possum, practically no smell, short of that small animal smell sticking your nose in the fur. The skunks litter box, compares to a cats.

    Both were free roam so much like our indoor cat.

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    Never had sugar gliders or a hedgehog but I have had ferrets. Proper care helps a lot. They will always have a musky scent to them but they do not stink up a room or smell terrible with proper care. Feed a good diet (fish and grain free), keep the cage clean and only bathe them when they get into something. Regular baths actually make them smell worse because their bodies produce extra oils (which is what has the scent) to compensate for what you just stripped away.

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    I've also heard that sugar gliders and ferrets are quite smelly. Never had either, so can't confirm or deny that.

    I do have a hedgehog though. And I've seen videos showing poopy feet on a hedgehog. Mine is not that way, so it must depend on the hedgie (and/or the setup).

    They do like to run on their bucket wheel and that tends to be the time when they do the most pooping. They run through that mess on their wheel (which is why many place a litter tray under the wheel).

    I think that between walking on the wood pellet litter and on the fleece bedding, any poo comes off his feet. I only see some poo on his feet occasionally. I do clean the wheel every morning.

    If you decide on a hedgehog, be sure to get a thermostat for the CHE heat lamp. It will be much easier for you and more consistent for your hog. I have my thermostat in the cage set for 75F. It will only come on if it dips below 75F. That keeps him from hibernating which can be deadly. The new recommendations are for a minimum cage size of 8 sq ft.

    Here's my cage as an example. The lights, CHE, & thermostat are somewhat hidden behind the upper pics.

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