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Why are night vision cameras cheaper than night vision scope / goggles?

Why can you buy a NV security camera cheaper than a NV scope and what's the difference between the two? No I'm not asking about thermal. I know one is black and white and the other is green or white phosphors. 

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    Security cameras use IR light to illuminate an area and record video. Simple optics and cheap LED's in a simple enclosure.

    True night vision does not require IR illumination (although some do have it available for an absolute no-light situation). They use a much more complex amplifier circuit to raise the light level to something you can see. They also have a display built in so that you can see the image. They require much more power to operate, meaning larger batteries. The cost of components is much higher.

    The least expensive night vision devices are simple hand-held monocular devices, and they run in the $500 range. For that kind of money you can get an 8-camera surveillance system with DVR using a much simpler IR cameras.

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    Because you are probably not comparing the same type of camera systems.  Most Night Security cameras are just regular cameras with an array of infrared lights which makes them super cheap and often have a soft glow giving you away.  Real night vision won't need infrared lights to work.  There's also the fact that scopes and googles require special screens to be installed behind lenses which also adds quite a bit of cost to manufacture it.   On top of all that regular digital camera technology is getting improved for low light conditions and doesn't cost as much as a traditional phosphor night vision setup.

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    It's a quality issue - security cameras contain cheaper components. OTOH, your life may depend on a NV scope and you don't want to buy cheap junk.

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