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What's the tree that uses number?

How does it work. Like

2-Can you show the names of people in the tree without their allowance?

3- If you don't know the church where the person was baptized? Who to ask?

4-Where to ask a birth certificate? How much is it?

5-Is family search good? Can you find a lot of informations?

6-What's the best country to find documents and do the tree?

7-How are the sites that you find public information? As social security number, courts etc.

8-Is find a grave good to find data?

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    1. All trees or Genealogy charts us a numeric system. Usually 1 represents the first person in the chart. 1-1 or 1-2 represents their children and 1-2-1 would represent a grandchild..

    2. It is unethical to chart living people with out their permission..

    3. Check the church near where they were born.

    4. check for birth certificates in the city where the person being researched was born, or in the state.

    5. Family search is one of the best, but all research needs to be documented.

    .6. There is no "best" country to find documents. How well you can document your research depends on how good a research er you are and how dedicated you are to doing the work and research.

    You might take some classes in Genealogical Research.

    Source(s): Genealogical researcher 50+ year
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