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Should I let her stay with me?

I was at a party and the host ask me to drive Jane home as she was too drunk to drive. I agreed as I did not want her in a car accident. The host said I will call her husband and tell him you are bringing her home. When I got to her house, her husband met me a the door and would not let his wife come in the house. He said “She is not coming in this house until she sobers up”.

OH CRAP. What am I going to do? I can’t leave her there drunk on her door step. I called the party host and ask her what I should do. She said to take her to your home and take her to her house in the morning when she was sober. I was not comfortable having a married woman sleep at my house over night. I was afraid of what her husband might do. He also seemed to me to be drunk but I didn’t know what else to do so I took her home.

The next morning she wanted to know how she ended up at my house and I told her. She was outraged. She said “I am not going back and live with that S.O.B. of a husband”. Can I stay with you until I can find a place to stay. I told her no but I would help her find a place to stay. I was afraid of what her husband might do and/or I would get involved in a divorce case.

Please tell me if I did the right thing here. Should I have let her stay with me?

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    I would have taken her back to the party and let the host deal with it. Presumably they are friends or at least known to each other, not a complete stranger.

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    I wouldn't let her stay with you. First of all, this isn't your problem and you never should have been involved to begin with. You were asked to drive someone home, you did. Hell, you did more than me. I would have left her on the door step of her home and told her husband "she is your wife, this is your problem, not mine send her to a hotel or something". Like you said, you don't need to be getting involved with a divorce ETC. This isn't your problem if she does not want to go home then she can call a friend, family member or at worst go to a hotel or something.

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