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America is more comfy than both Canada AND Australia. Agree?

For once, I will try to leave race out of this.

Anyhow, rural/small town America is the definition of paradise. 100 percent conservative, jobs are plentiful and for everyone, crime is nonexistant, loving young families who look VERY white, and you'd NEVER see an Injun, let alone a minority there. Yes, I tried not to bring up race, but oh well......

Also, ALL of rural America is habitable.

Meanwhile, rural Canada and Australia are filled with "natives" (First Nations in Canada, Aborigines in Australia). And wherever there are natives, there are crime. I'm not sure about Australia, but you are much more likely to get blown away or stabbed multiple times in say small town Saskatchewan, rural Quebec or Northern Ontario than in any American state.

There is less crime in Canadian and Australian cities than in the countryside. Lol In the US it is the other way around.

Also, unlike the USA, Canada is mostly a frozen tundra with polar bears, penguins and killer whales, and over half of Australia is a desert with deadly animals and creepy crawlers.

But hey, unlike Canada, Australia DOES have sunshine.....

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    I'm not sure I'd describe the current gun situation as 'comfy'.

    Let alone Trump, racism, healthcare etc.

    Perhaps 'comfy' if you're a rich white man.

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    Yes. Cancuckistan blows.

  • JuanB
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    Lol "crime is non existent" Sure. When you get a murder who takes his automatic rifle and kills 50 people in America that's ONE crime right?

    America can't be comfy when you are looking over your shoulder looking for the next shooter.

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    1. Canada is not full of frozen tundra and dangerous animals. Our weather system can be likened to that of New Yorks. In fact, my friend from New Jersey and I talk about weather some times and we have almost always the same weather.

    2. Australia is also not... Yeah they have some scary animals and creepy crawlies but hey, every country does technically.

    3. There's not always crime where there are aboriginal peoples. That's racial stereotyping.

    4. USA has crime everywhere. Farmers effing shoot people on their farm. People are not "nice" in the small communities. That's where I find they are the most racist and rudest people honestly. I know some are nice, but most are just mean. I've been there, and I wouldn't go back.

    5. Looking "VERY white" doesn't make you superior. You're racist.

    6. No, America is by far not more comfy. In fact, most of America is uncomfortable and prickly.

    Hope this helps clear some things up for you.

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    America is perfect, lovely and prosperous, trading happily with the world and not abandoning their allies to genocide. Then there's the perfect genius Leader. . .

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    Canada is part of America, as are the Untied Staes

  • gerald
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    yeah in Hollywood films with John boy Walton Detroit is a scrap yard Chicago the execution yard

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