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What's the difference between vaganova and RAD system?

I want to put my daughter in ballet classes and I contacted two studios. One of them teaches the vaganova system they said and the other one RAD. I wonder what's the difference and which one is better for my daughter. Thank you in advance!

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    RAD is English graded ballet. It follows a recreational curriculum that gives a minimum standard of training. The same is true with Vaganova except that is Russian ballet. More often than not Vaganova might not be the graded syllabus. It would depend on the teacher’s training.

    While RAD is similar to the English ballet Royal Ballet School training it isn’t the same. There are many shortcuts and would not lead to a ballet career although many have started with RAD only to drop it in favor of more professional training when a dancer gets a bit older. Vaganova training ( if it’s true Vaganova and the teachers were trained and certified in Saint Petersburg, Russia) will be professional level training at the start. If the teacher isn’t certified in Russia, your guess is as good as mine as to how good the training will be.

    I’m not going to say one method is better than another. What is more important is the teacher. RAD in the UK tends to be a better level of training than RAD around the world. If you live in England then RAD might be a better choice because you can always go on to better training there. That being said with a good Vaganova teacher it would be hard to pass that type of training up.

    Bottom line it isn’t the method so much as the teacher that is important. There is good and bad in all of the 7 ballet methods of teaching. I would try to look at the advanced students to get a better judge of the quality of training. Also make sure the studio has sprung or floating floors as well as plenty of room for the dancers to move. High ceilings are a plus when it comes to more advanced work such as partnering. Also check to see where the teachers have danced professionally and where they have trained. If it has only been in a recreational school keep searching for better training. You will find a broad range in terms of the quality of teaching in a recreational school. Some are just terrible and others are top notch due to the fact that the teacher is a highly trained retired professional ballet dancer. If the teachers are all in their early 20s or younger it is a sign that they were likely never professional dancers and likely the training given won’t be top notch.

    Source(s): My daughter is a professional dancer. I worked for NYCB ( New York City Ballet)
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